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Website for Harley Davidson wood frame beds?  Asked by Scylena on 2012-07-12
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Website for Harley Davidson wood frame beds?

Looking for a Harley Davidson wood frame bed for my husband...any website suggestions? I mean SERIOUSLY, do you guys NOT understand the dam question? I am looking for a wood framed bed made by harley davidson!!!! If you can't answer my question then don't answer at all!!!

Answer by Pinemiser
An air mattress would be much easier to haul on your Harley than a wooden bed....
Answer by Ninebadthings
Too bad they don't try harder to just make a decent modern motorcycle. Instead they get all the rubes excited about the 'harley lifestyle' and have them searching out all the fan memoribelia to prove they are the most dedicated lifestylist. Me, I just like riding a sweet bike with modern performance, which makes harley pretty much dead weight in the cycle catagory.
Answer by James
I have never seen any such product in Harley-Davidson's accessories and lifestyle catalogs or on their online website. The closest that I have seen is patio furniture, a BBQ and a grandfather clock.
Answer by Lynn
I know what you're talking about! I'm looking for the same thing right now! I'll check back and let you know! They are so damn cool! Well shoot! I looked all over and I can't find who makes them! I'm guessing they are custom made. If you saw the same picture I did... print it out and take and ask around. Maybe you'll find someone in your area to make one for you. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, I want one too! They look so cool!!
Answer by Sn00p
I saw it on facebook yesterday, I know what you're talking about... it's not from Harley Davidson, nothing to do with them... probably doesn't even pay a license fee.!/photo.php?fbid=10151093207279882&set=a.202046439881.159580.54520964881&type=1&theater This was it, ya?
Answer by Firecracker .
HD does not make anything but motorcycles. They do license out the name and logo. Those look to be custom made, probably only one of each in existence. I can think of only two ways to get one. The easiest would be to have a wood shop build one. The other way is to find the shop/crafter that made the original. The way people post stuff on FB, it would be hard to trace back.
Is this for a child's theme room? I seen beds from the movie "Cars" and other themes like Batman and Herbie beds. Manufactures don't make this type of furniture for adults.,r:6,s:0,i:91&biw=1366&bih=596
Answer by Dodie
I went back thru the post on facebook that has the picture of this bed and found a reply at beginning of post that said the bed is made in Canada and to contact Michael A.Price (Mike ) at 819 392-1340 ..hope this helps..if its correct let me know what u find out please..the bed is awesome !!!!