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The Von Dutch XAVW motorcycle?  Asked by on 2012-04-27
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The Von Dutch XAVW motorcycle?

What you think about this unique motorcycle...cause the amercian pickers got this harley davidson with a Volkswagen engine how cool is that... mike and frank found history with this cool bike. What do you all think?

Answer by Nana
Awesome find
Answer by Mr. Smartypants
It was very cool to see. And it's pedigree, the connection to Von Dutch and Ed Roth, etc. is really interesting. Certainly one of a kind. But as a motorcycle it's underwhelming. The VW engine is a 34 hp engine. We have single-cylinder motorcycles today that have 50 hp. There was a company in Brazil that bought BMW 'airheads' in the 70s and fitted VW engines to them.
Answer by Dan
I saw that but was not terribly impressed. It was a cobbled attempt to do soething different, it succeeded.
Answer by Robert S
Priceless? Not! Mike will have to work very hard to recover his $21,000....
Answer by Mel
Nice bike 34 hp